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When we ferment the juice from apples to make cider, all of the sugar in the juice is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeasts and bacteria that are either naturally occurring, or yeast we add. The fermentation process is then continued as the carbon dioxide escapes the cider through air locks on our fermentation vessels, leaving us with a product that has 0g of sugar.

Yes. Not only are all of ANXO ciders free of added sugars, they are also naturally sugar free. ANXO ciders are made with only apples and wine yeasts in certain varietals, without any additives ever – making them gluten free, low carb and naturally sugar free.

While many other cideries will add sugars to their ciders during or after fermentation to add sweetness, or will add other fermented fruit juices for flavors, we aim to highlight the pure taste of the apples we feature in each of our ciders. Taking a page out of the winemaking handbook, we work directly with farmers who grow great, specialty apples for us just like a winemaker would pay special attention to the varieties and characteristics of grapes. To make great cider you start with great apples. Our ciders are then made using a process that is similar to the process of making wine. This means sugar and other additives are never used in ANXO ciders — just the juice from apples and sometimes added wine yeasts for fermentation.