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When we ferment the juice from apples to make cider, all of the sugar in the juice is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeasts and bacteria that are either naturally occurring, or yeast we add. The fermentation process is then continued as the carbon dioxide escapes the cider through air locks on our fermentation vessels, leaving us with a product that has 0g of sugar.

Yes. Not only are all of ANXO ciders free of added sugars, they are also naturally sugar free. ANXO ciders are made with only apples and wine yeasts in certain varietals, without any additives ever – making them gluten free, low carb and naturally sugar free.

While many other cideries will add sugars to their ciders during or after fermentation to add sweetness, or will add other fermented fruit juices for flavors, we aim to highlight the pure taste of the apples we feature in each of our ciders. Taking a page out of the winemaking handbook, we work directly with farmers who grow great, specialty apples for us just like a winemaker would pay special attention to the varieties and characteristics of grapes. To make great cider you start with great apples. Our ciders are then made using a process that is similar to the process of making wine. This means sugar and other additives are never used in ANXO ciders — just the juice from apples and sometimes added wine yeasts for fermentation.

When ANXO founders Sam Fitz, his sister Rachel Fitz and best friend Cooper Sheehan visited Spanish Basque country they were smitten by Spanish Sidras (dry ciders) and the tradition surrounding them.  To the Basque people, drinking cider is convivial and inclusive, where friends and families connect.  Sam, Rachel, and Cooper had never tasted a cider like that or experienced a drinking culture like that either. They sought to replicate that experience in Washington DC and set out to open a restaurants and cidery.  While in Spain they’d learned about Basque mythology and were particularly taken by the story of Basajaun a huge bigfoot like creature that lived in the woods with his female partner Basandere.  Basajuan was said to protect flocks and brought skills like agriculture and ironwork to the people. He was a bridge between the natural world and humanity.  The team wanted to honor the idea of cider being a bridge between the natural world (apples and orchards) and humanity.  Basajaun, however, doesn’t roll off the tongue so they settled on the easily pronounceable ANXO, pronounced AHN-choh. In Basque ANXO is a common nickname, synonymous with the name Angel.

Brother and Sister Co-Founder team Sam and Rachel Fitz grew up in Baltimore, MD and had been living and working in the DC area since graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.  DC was home but it was also a blossoming culinary hub in, not just the Mid-Atlantic but in the United States. The ANXO team wanted to create a product that was Made in DC, to make innovations in cider alongside the culinary icons that were making innovations in DC’s culinary scene.  They wanted ANXO to evolve in DC and to play a part in growing and expanding the culinary scene of the city.  The idea that thousands of gallons of the finest juice from the best orchards in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond would make their way from the country into the city was a romantic concept that Sam and team were and are still passionate about.

ANXO started with the goal of making the finest dry cider from the highest quality fruit possible.  This goal is still at the heart of ANXO’s mission but as ANXO seeks to grow American cider culture it became clear that ANXO needed to play a part in bringing the finest expressions of dry and semi-dry ciders from around the world to the American table.  To that end, ANXO Imports was started.  Currently, ANXO Imports is the exclusive importer of exceptional ciders from UK’s West Country that include Oliver’s Fine Ciders & Perry, Ross on Wye, & Little Pomona.  We will soon be importing exciting Sidras from Spain too..Stay tuned.

Fear not ANXO is expanding, perhaps as you read this.  We’ve recently added Minnesota to our list of states that we’re honored to sell in.  When you look at our Cider Finder if you don’t see your state listed you can always purchase cider in our online shop and have it shipped to 40 states in the US.  We’d also appreciate it if you drop us a line telling us the city and state you live in.  The more people in a state that want ANXO the more likely it is for us to secure a partnership with a distributor that can bring our product into your state.  You can email us HERE with your requests.

If your favorite spot doesn’t carry ANXO and you think we’d be a great fit please let the owner or manager know that you’d like them to carry ANXO Cider and the specific products you think they should carry.  Please also email us HERE so we can follow up with both our distributor for the region and the owner/manager of the restaurant/bar/store/market. We’ll do everything we can to get the product to where you want it!

Each of our products is a unique expression of the apples that are fermented to create them.  We source A Lot of apples from the Mid-Atlantic and beyond and not just one type of apple.  Harrison, Northern Spy, Goldrush, Pippin, Greening, Bittersweet, Winesnap, Crab, Dabinett, Jonathan, Kingston Black, Roxbury Russet, and Yarlington Mill are just a handful of the apples that we love to use.  These apples, for the most part, all come from different apple orchards.  We love to create dry cider that reflects the unique characteristics of the apples used but to also create a product that honors the terroir of the regions where these apples are grown.