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The 2020 harvest marks the fourth year of sourcing apples for ANXO ciders and we want to share our excitement over what has been a tremendous season.

To produce our sugar-free #applesonly cider we buy at harvest the best apples grown by farmers we know, and this year we got quite a bounty! We're still designing the ciders we will create from them in 2021, but at this time we know the cast of apples we will be working with.  Here's a recap of our 2020 Harvest:

2020 Harvest Summary

August - December
1,350,000 lb of apples purchased (675 tons!)
19 different apple varietals
Sourced from 14 orchards in six states and the United Kingdom


What's our secret to making super tasty sugar-free cider? The Apples!

GoldRush 36%       Northern Spy 22.5%      Albermarle Pippin 16%      Red-Flesh 5%    

Vermont Blend 4%      UK Blend 3.5%      Rhode Island Greening 3.5%      Harrison 2%

The remaining 10% are made up of the following:

Burford's Redflesh
Black Twig

Stayman Winesap
Honeydrip Pears
Ashmead's Kernel

Burford's Redflesh
Chisel Jersey
Cox's Orange

Manchurian Crab
Hewe's Crab


Where our 1,350,000 lb of apples were grown

Virginia 45%
Pennsylvania 40%

Washington 5%
Vermont 4%

New York 1.5%
Maryland 1%

United Kingdom 3.5%


Who grows your apples? These are the men and women that grow ours

78 Acres Farm (MD)
Bear Mountain Orchards (PA)
Fruit Hill Orchard (VA)
EZ Orchards (OR)
Glaize Apples (VA)

McCleaf's Orchard (PA)
Mickley's Orchard (PA)
Peters Orchards (PA)
Saunders Brothers (VA)
Scott Farm Orchard (VT)

Silver Creek & Seaman's Orchards (VA)
Snowdrift Cider Co. (WA)
Sunrise Orchards (VT)
Susquehanna Orchards (PA)

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