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This Fall, Anxo Cidre Blanc Will Make You Love Dry Cider

by Joshua Bernstein

According to my calendar, it’s time for us to consider the apple. For much of the last decade, it’s been my annual fall tradition to write about hard cider, a fermented fruit that’s had a hard time breaking into mainstream imbibing.

This fall, I’ve been getting after the ferments from Anxo Cider, in Washington, D.C. The company, which began as a Basque-inspired restaurant and cider bar, focuses on tart and fizzy dry ciders that are primarily made from regionally sourced fruit, letting native yeasts cast their funkily unpredictable spell. In a beverage world brimming with candy stouts and hard seltzers infused with lab-born flavors, Anxo’s ciders celebrate simplicity. The fruits sing in their own voice, no Auto-Tune required.

One notable everyday go-to is the Cidre Blanc that’s made with a seasonally shifting blend of Virginia- and Pennsylvania-grown GoldRush apples, a relatively newer cultivar introduced commercially in 1993. It’s related to the Golden Delicious apple, though much tarter and featuring a spry and zippy acidity. You can eat and bake with GoldRush apples, but I want to drink them.

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