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Cider Should Be Your Drink Of Choice For Thanksgiving – Here’s Why

BY Claudia Alarcón

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, but few people think about pairing their feast with the beverage that is, quite literally, as American as apple pie. Craft cidermakers across the country are bringing back traditional cider styles that will pair perfectly with anything on the Thanksgiving table.

Many Founding Fathers were apple growers and cider makers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. “America became the greatest apple growing culture the world has ever seen,” says Sam Fitz, founder and president of ANXO, Washington D.C’s original cidery. “Americans developed incredible apples, and knew apple types and apple culture intimately. We were THE apple country.”

Sam Fitz, co-founder of ANXO cider in Washington D.C., inspects the orchard.

“The growth of the category lead consumers to be curious about the farmstead ciders quietly still being made, opening the doors for brands like ANXO to make a modern cider based on Old World values like apple type and quality. The growth of seltzers presents a new opportunity for cider to market itself as an equally health-conscious product with way more flavor.”

ANXO’s ciders, however, have nothing in common with these candy flavored seltzers. Instead, they boast fresh apple flavors with complex nuances that range from fruity to funky, tart to woody, herbal and vegetal. ANXO doesn’t shy away from collaboration, pairing with orchards from Washington State to legendary cidermakers in England.

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