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GSN Review: ANXO Ciders


ANXO District Kosher (6.9% ABV) Perhaps the only Kosher for Passover cider in the country. 100% Pennsylvania-grown Northern Spy apples fermented naturally in stainless tanks.
GSN’s Thoughts: Quite dry indeed. This is what I would term a brut cider. The apple flavor is slightly tart, but is toned down by some wood aging. This also adds a lovely, yet subtle caramel tone. The slightly higher than normal ABV adds some punch as well, making this an ideal cider to have over a meal. Perfect for the rest of Passover, this is also perfectly fitting for any celebration calling for a Kosher meal.
GSN Rating: A

ANXO Nevertheless (6.9% ABV) Vermont & Pennsylvania apples fermented by ANXO with native yeasts in stainless tanks. Released in March to celebrate women cidermakers during Women’s History Month. A portion of the proceeds to be donated to women’s health initiatives.
GSN’s Thoughts: Very similar in character to the District Kosher with a bit more of a yeast character. Tasty, dry and refreshingly tart.
GSN Rating: A

ANXO Rosé (6.9% ABV) Red-fleshed apples impart radiant color and red fruit notes in this apples only Rosé . Red cider is fermented by Snowdrift in Washington State and blended with GoldRush cider in DC.
GSN’s Thoughts: Slightly sweeter in character, but still dry and tangy. The color is lovely in the glass and adds a festive and spring-like note.
GSN Rating: A

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