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The Perfect Craft Ciders for Summer Sipping

By Zach Mack, and Andy Kryza

A lot has changed over the past decade in drinking culture, from the macro ambitions of microbrewing to the rise and fall of Four Loko. But the rise of craft cider has been perhaps the most unexpected delight. What was once a candy-sweet can filled with apple concentrate and high-fructose corn syrup has exploded into a world of well-made, delicious, refreshing beverages that have a wider appeal than most die-hard wine drinkers or beer fans are willing to admit. This is all very, very good news. Especially during summer.

ANXO Cider Cidre Blanc


Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is known for many things, such as chili bowls, Go-go music, and career ambitions that lack self awareness just to name a few. But it wasn’t until recently that you could add “cider” to that esteemed list, thanks largely to the hard work of ANXO Cider. Their entire line up is made using zero adjuncts and a combination of wine and native yeasts, resulting in ciders that actually taste like the apples used to produce them. While there are no low points in their impressive lineup, Cidre Blanc works as a great starting off point, with flavors of peach, kiwi, and white grape buoyed by soft, petillant carbonation (i.e. very, very slight…feel free to tuck that term into your back pocket for your next cocktail party!), a light body, and a crisp, dry finish. If you happen to be in the District and you’re in the mood to get to know them better, it’s definitely worth stopping by their pintxos bar and tasting room.

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